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The School of Medical Documentation and Office management Program was started in the 1997-1998 academic year. There are 50 students in the regular program and 50 students in the evening education quota. In this program, the health personnel who are needed in compiling, ordering and presenting the results obtained from scientific researches in various branches of Medicine and Health technology are trained. They can work with the title of "Medical Secretary" in public and private health institutions and organizations. In addition, they can work in polyclinic and clinical information processing services, patient registration and admission, human resources and statistics units, and central medical archive services of public and private inpatient / outpatient institutions and institutions of the Ministry of Health. They can be appointed as Health Technician (Medical Secretary) based on their scores of the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS). Students of the Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program can transfer to the undergraduate programs of the "Health Administration" and "Health Institutions Management" through the DGS. What they do is basically a task related to human health. People working in this field are responsible for providing the information of the researchers on a regular basis and delivering the information to the relevant people.


The aim of this program is to educate the health staff that are needed in the process of collecting, compiling, organizing, storing and re-using the information and documents which are formed in the scientific and medical research in the field of medicine and health.


 The quality policy of Gaziosmanpaşa University, Erbaa Health Services Vocational School is to be a leading institution in the field of education, training and research with the stakeholders by constantly evolving within the framework of quality management system and by meeting international standards.