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About Us

Our Erbaa Health Services Vocational School started education with the Nursing Program in 1993 - 1994 Academic Year. After the closure of this program in 1997, the Medical Documentation and Secretariat Program was opened in the same year, and it started education in 1997-1998 academic year. It still continues education with the evening education opened in 2008. Our School has moved to the new campus in the district center in the Spring Semester of the 2014-2015 Academic Year and has started to receive education in the First and Emergency Aid Program since the 2015-2016 academic year, as there are physical facilities and sufficient teaching staff are provided. Students have not yet been admitted to Open Child Development and Elderly Care programs.

In our 2017-2018 academic year, 6 faculty members provide the education to a total of 471 students, 327 students in daytime education and 144 students in evening education.

Our higher school has a closed area of 14100 m2. Our college has 4 computer laboratories and is used in partnership with Erbaa VHS and Erbaa HHS.

In our school building, there are 2 amplifiers for 80 people and 1 conference hall for 270 people, which can be used for multi-purpose for lessons, conferences and social activities, and they are shared.

In our district, there are State Hospitals, Community Health Centers and Family Health Centers where our students can apply. Our school does not currently have sports fields. Necessary attempts have been made to construct a sports field reserved for the school yard. It is organized that our students do their sports activities in the sports areas of the district. There is a tennis table in the building. Our students are assisted for their cultural activities and necessary support is provided.

Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program


Our School Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program started education and training in 1997-1998 academic year. Our program has 60 students first education and 60 students second education quota. In this program, the health personnel needed for compiling, organizing the results obtained from scientific researches in various branches of Medicine and Health technology and putting them into the service of researchers are trained. The students can work with the title of "Medical Secretary" in public and private health institutions and organizations. In addition, they can work in polyclinic and clinical information processing services, patient registration and admission, human resources and statistical units and central medical archive services of public and private inpatient / unpatient treatment institutions and organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Health. They can be appointed as Health Technician (Medical Secretary) according to Public Personnel Selection Examination. Students of the Medical Documentation and Secretarial program can transfer to the "Health Administration" and "Health Care Management" undergraduate programs with the Vertical Transfer Exam. Their job is basically a task related to human health. People working in this field do work on providing the information produced by the researchers on a regular basis and communicating them to the relevant people.

The Aim of the Program

The aim of the program is to train the healthcare personnel needed in the scientific researches in the field of medicine and health, and in the process of collecting, compiling, organizing, storing and re-using the information and documents that occur during the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Our Quality Polıcy

The quality policy of Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University Erbaa Health Services Vocational School is to be a pioneering institution at international standards with its stakeholders, constantly improving within the framework of the quality management system, effective in education, training, research.

First and Emergency Aid Program


Our School's First and Emergency Aid program started to provide education at associate level in 2015. Candidates are placed in the First and Emergency Aid program according to the exam results made by the Student Selection and Placement Center. Those who complete this program are entitled to the title of "First and Emergency Aid Technician". The language of instruction is Turkish and the quota is 60. There is no preparatory program and secondary education. The aim of the program is to train qualified health technicians who can provide basic and advanced life support to patients and victims in the pre-hospital period, and provide emergency care by recognizing possible critical situations, and ensure that the first intervention patients or injured people can reach the hospitals safely by ambulance. The training period of the program is four semesters (Internship period is included.) At the end of the second semester, 30 working days of summer are applied.

Program graduates can work as a technician in the emergency departments and ambulance services of public and private inpatient / nonpatient treatment institutions and organizations under the Ministry of Health. They can be appointed as Paramedics (Health Technician) according to the Public Personnel Selection Exam.

Transition to Higher Degree Programs

Transition to the following departments can be made with Vertical Transfer Exam.

  1. Emergency Assistance and Disaster Management

  2. Nursing


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